C++ Engineer for Radio Products [rekrutacja online]

Praca: C++ Engineer for Radio Products [rekrutacja online]

C++ Engineer for Radio Products [rekrutacja online]

Miejsce pracy: Wrocław


We are currently the largest institution of research and development in the ICT sector in Poland, successively growing and still looking for new talents. C++ Developer is one of the key positions in R&D Center in Wroclaw and at present, there are a few slightly different departments possibly interested in your experience. Find out which specific departments are currently recruiting for this position: https://en.nokiawroclaw.pl/check-our-cpp-hiring-teams/

Apply and a designated Talent Attraction Person will contact you in 2-3 working days to discuss all the details and guide you through the whole recruitment process, completed with feedback (guaranteed after an interview step). Below you will find some general information about our expectations and C++ positions.

Daily activities:


You will be responsible for software design, implementation, analyzing and solving complex engineering problems and hitches in radio technologies area. You will create and review requirements for functional, design and interface specifications based on system and HW specifications. Your scope of work will include daily cooperation with project managers in planning activities.


We work with:

  • C++11/14/17
  • GCC, Clang
  • Linux
  • Yocto/Bitbake
  • Testing frameworks
  • JIRA
  • Version control and code review systems
  • Continuous integration systems

Our expectations:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Software Technology or equivalent education
  • strong coding skills
  • expertise in algorithm optimization, code profiling and in analysis of memory usage violations
  • Python/Bash is an advantage
  • analytical thinking
  • teamwork skills
  • good communication in English (both written and spoken)
  • ready to relocate to Wroclaw, living in or nearby

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